Other Golf Accessories that are Good to Have Around

There are other golf accessories that are good to have around, however some amateur golfers don’t always have them. Most people consider golf as an extravagant sport, but it offers a lot of benefits. It can help your body stay fit, enhance your endurance, and lose unwanted fat. Golf also provides a perfect avenue to meet people, reduce stress, and keep in touch with friends.
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Golf Course Range Finders

Best Golf Accessories Amateur and professional golf players will surely find the golf course range finder beneficial. The handy gadget can help you determine the distances, such as the distance that your ball has traveled or the distance of your current position to the green. The information that the golf course range finder provides can help you choose the most suitable club to use at such distance.
The optical range finder has an appearance of a small telescope. You simply sight the scope on the ball or flag and let the calibrated gauge, which is provided by the viewfinder, measure the distance.

The laser range finder makes use of radar to determine the distances that you want to find out. It is also easier to use than the optical range finder. You just need to point the laser range finder at the ball or flag and wait for a digital readout.

The golf course GPS unit can also register the length of shots or show your way around hazards. The unit is preloaded with maps of the different major golf courses. Some units can also display colored images of the hole in play. You can also set it to monitor the scores and the stats of players.

Ball Pick-Ups and Retrievers

The ball pick-ups and retrievers are typically used to retrieve the golf balls that landed in water. Their lengths are usually between 12 and 20 feet. Replacing the golf ball each time it lands in water can get expensive in the long run. Prudent and practical golfers carry their retrievers to avoid spending so much for their golf balls.

Golf Course GPS

A golf course GPS devise is also one of the other golf accessories that you’d be glad to own. Like the optical or laser golf course range finder, the GPS device can calculate the distance between your current location and your target spot. Once you are certain about the distance, it should be easy for you to determine the club to use.

Golf Umbrellas

Golf Accessories KitA golf umbrella is usually larger than the typical umbrella that you use. The main purpose of the golf umbrella is to properly shield you from sun and rain, hence the size. Prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can give you sunburn as well as other skin disorder if you will continue to play under the sun’s scorching heat without any protection.

When there’s a sudden downpour, you can depend on your golf umbrella to keep you and your golf equipment from getting wet as you tread to the clubhouse.


You use the scorecards to record scores while you are playing golf. There are golf clubs that offer complimentary scorecards after you pay the green fees.

Scorecard Holders and Stroke Counters

The scorecard holders and stroke counters can be used to make tracking of scores and strokes a bit simpler. The scorecard holder can help maintain the neatness of the scorecards and keep them intact throughout the game. A stroke counter has the ability to record strokes with one touch of a button.

Golf Club Brushes

The brush is useful in removing dirt and debris that accumulated in your golf club. A dirty golf club may behave differently and may not be able to get the golf ball to fly and follow the trajectory that you wanted it to trail.

These are just some of the accessories that many amateur golfers don’t usually own. If you are worrying about the cost, then check out www.rockbottomgolf.com and you might be surprise just how much you can save from your golf equipment and accessories.
Many may regard golf as a sport for the rich, but even though you have a limited budget you can still afford to buy all the golf necessities that you need. All you really need to do is buy from a supplier of quality and affordable golf accessories and equipment.