What Custom Coins Should Look Like?

Have you already seen a coin with a specific symbol or design imprinted on it? Maybe, you have seen it before, or either you already have one, but you don’t know what it is called. It is the challenge coin, which is similar to a typical coin we use in buying products on the store. However, there is a difference between the two.

The Challenge Coins are of the same size of the usual monetary coin, which is typically 1 ½ in diameter.Unlike the typical coin, it is possible to customize it. When we talk about customizing, it refers to the making of the product according to your own specifications. It means that you can produce a coin based on the design, requirements and specifications that you really want.

If you want to buy custom coins, you must first know what the best one should be –

This way, you can pick one in accordance to your intended purpose. The custom coins come in different shapes. There are Custom Challenge Coins that are round, which is the traditional and common shape. Meanwhile, there also those that are square shaped or pentagon. Actually, the shape of the custom challenge coins will be based on your desire. It will also depend on the logo or symbol you will use.

Custom Coins Maker

ChallengeCoins4Less is one of the best custom Challenge Coin Makers. We offer various choices for the design, style, material, color and shape. We are experts in this kind of business, and we assure our clients that the products we provide are made of high quality materials. Visit our website at challengecoins4less.com, to know more about our company and the services we are offering.

The custom coins are made of different metals –

The metals used in making custom challenge coins are usually gold plated, brass, copper, nickel, silver plated and has an antique style. You can search the web to learn more about the different physical appearances of these materials. Also, these metals have different variants. Like for the silver metal, you can choose from the polished silver plated or the antique silver metal. Different companies offer varying metal styles.

In ChallengeCoins4Less, we offer these kinds of metal styles. You can choose a lot of metal variants on our list. We also make a dual tone color of metal coins. It is applicable to those who want their custom coins to be more colorful and attractive. Different metal styles have varying prices. To view more about the appearances of each metal style, you may visit our webpage. The prices between the different metal styles were also indicated on our site.

The custom challenge coin also contains special cut edges

Custom Coins The edge designs or styles add an elegant appearance to the coin. Aside from the standard edge style, some companies produce coins with unique edges. Some of the edge designs you may consider are rope cut, wave, cross cut, and oblique edges. It will all depend to your interest.

ChallengeCoins4Less offers these kinds of metal edges. You can see the detailed picture of the edges on our website. The prices of the edge types are also listed below the picture.

Some people want detailed and unique design on their challenge coins. Some want a 3D appearance of the design imprinted on the coin. Others also want to add text on the edge of the coin, making it look more elegant. Some companies also offer the offset type. It means that the actual photo can be imprinted exactly on the coin.

All these things are available in our company

We provide engraving of text in the coin, 3D design and an offset print. We also want our products to be more protected. This is the main reason why we also provide an epoxy coating. The prices of these additional styles are different from one another. You have the choice to pick your desired metal style, edge design, color, and additional decorations.

Custom coins are really unique. They don’t only serve as decorations; they also identify you as a member of a particular organization. You may use it, give it or even receive one of it. However, the purpose of the challenge coin, which is to show belongingness in a group, will stay forever.

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